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TAMK's performance statistics compiled in the Annual Review

Published on 12.8.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
TAMK global education map 2020
Year 2019 was the first actual year for TAMK in the Tampere Universities community. The collected statistics and reviews of TAMK’s performance in 2019 have been published in the Annual Review.

During 2019, the cooperation between Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University intensified significantly in various forms and operations. Also, both universities updated their strategies towards 2030.

“We especially invest in developing our international activities and strengthening our RDI. In addition, we are steadily growing the number of our degree education places in accordance with the national definitions of policy”, President Markku Lahtinen describes the contents of TAMK’s new strategy.

Read more in the Annual Review

Growing global interest towards TAMK’s pedagogical expertise

In 2019, TAMK’s education export continued to grow. Openings in new countries took place in addition to existing key market areas, such as China and Brazil. For example, an agreement was signed on nursing education with Elgeyo-Marakwet area in Kenya.

Another example of a new partnership is cooperation with the Chilean Católica del Norte University. The cooperation aims at reforming the Chilean education culture by educating the management in educational institutions.

Read more in the Annual Review