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TAMK passed quality audit – strengths include firm links with working life and a co-development culture

Published on 17.2.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Ihmisiä istuu rivissä
Audit info session and pre-discussion at TAMK in autumn 2021: (from left) Tapio Kujala, Karl Holm, Turo Kilpeläinen, Mikko Naukkarinen, Päivi Karttunen and Piia Tienhaara. Photo: Laura Partanen
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) passed the quality system audit conducted by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) and received a quality label valid for six years. In the audit report TAMK gets recognition for its operating culture that encourages experimentation and cooperation with different actors.

TAMK has a well-functioning quality system in which information produced by the system is used in various ways at different levels of the organisation for a target-oriented improvement of activities. A simplification and prioritisation of quality management procedures would in audit team’s view further strengthen the steering effect of TAMK’s strategy.

“TAMK has internal forums aimed at different target groups to support innovative operational culture and sharing of ideas. TAMK is above all a highly competent and inspiring work community where the personnel pulls together and works in the best interests of the institution,” says the chair of the audit team Turo Kilpeläinen, rector at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

TAMK’s quality system has been developed systematically for years. The previous quality label was from 2015. Audits are good intermediate steps and signposts in the development.

“The developing approach to evaluation makes it possible to examine our operations critically and thereby develop our university of applied sciences. FINEEC’s feedback is extremely valuable,” states TAMK’s Vice President Päivi Karttunen

The planning of education is a systematic and participatory process

FINEEC sees the planning of education at TAMK as a systematic and established practice throughout the organisation. Clear learning outcomes have been defined for the degree programmes. The curricula are developed based on the feedback received from working life and experiences gathered from cooperation with different actors. Teachers, students, RDI personnel and stakeholders participate actively in the planning, implementation, evaluation and development of the education.

“The quality management procedures for the planning and implementation of education provide excellent support for student-centred and work-based activities. At TAMK, continuous learning is considered an equal task in relation to degree education. The audit team suggests that in the future the quality management of degree education and continuous learning could be developed as a whole,” says the chair of the audit team, Turo Kilpeläinen.

Regional higher education network cooperation and active collaboration within the advisory boards support regional cooperation. This cooperation especially supports TAMK in identifying competence needs and developing degree education, which has been identified and recognised as TAMK’s strength.

Thanks to all participants of the audit process

“We prepared for the audit of last autumn in extensive cooperation with our staff, students and partners. Exchange of thoughts and experiences was rewarding. Our strategic partner Hanze University of Applied Sciences offered us an international viewpoint and insight into impact. We implemented the audit-related peer learning with Hanze,” tells TAMK’s Development Manager Piia Tienhaara, who coordinated the audit process at TAMK.

“Warm thanks to all TAMK members and our partners for participation in the audit and continuous quality development. We thank FINEEC and the audit team for valuable observations, the report and smooth cooperation. It is good to continue from here.”

Link to the FINEEC press release on 16 February 2022:
Tampere University of Applied Sciences passed the FINEEC audit – its strengths include firm links with working life and students’ engagement in education development -

More information about TAMK's quality system and audit process:

Piia Tienhaara, Development Manager, Quality Management and Business Planning, piia.tienhaara [at], tel. 040 540 9082

Mikko Naukkarinen, Service Director, mikko.naukkarinen [at], tel. 02 945 32102