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TAMK offers remote courses to Applied Chemistry Bachelor’s students from Qilu University of Technology

Published on 6.10.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
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The cooperation between Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Qilu University of Technology in China is growing and being enriched with a new degree.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has a long cooperation with Qilu University of Technology in China. In 2013, the first Qilu students arrived to TAMK for their one-year exchange study period. Since 2017, approximately 15 students arrive annually to TAMK to participate in a double degree that focuses on Paper Making Engineering.

“We hope to enrich the student’s journey with TAMK’s modern teaching tools and learning environments. Moreover, our teaching style encourages and activates the students to take own responsibility in their learning,” comments Ulla Häggblom, TAMK Principal Lecturer in Built Environment and Bioeconomy.

A new era of cooperation

Now a new era begins, with a new collaborative degree between TAMK and Qilu. The two Higher Educational Institutions received approval for the new collaboration from the Ministry of Education of China.

The programme is in Applied Chemistry and welcomes approximately 80 students each year. Qilu students will have access to education resources from both Qilu and TAMK. Moreover, the students will be able to attend courses taught online by TAMK lecturers. This allows the students to experience the Finnish educational system without the need to relocate. After the completion of their studies, the students receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Qilu University of Technology and study certificates from TAMK.

“We hope that through this programme, the students can improve their applied chemistry literacy, improve their scientific research and innovation ability, and cultivate international talents with independent practical ability. In addition, we hope to encourage the students to apply for international graduate programmes through this cooperation,” explains is Dr. Shanshan Wang, Deputy Dean of QILU University Of Technology, School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering.

Read more about the degree in TAMK International Blog.

TAMK expertise taught remotely

The courses offered by TAMK cover a great variety of professional basic courses, such as Physical Chemistry and Basics of Bio-Product Engineering, and professional core courses, such as Colloid and Interface Chemistry and Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Technology of Fine Chemicals.

The students can enrich their studies from a list of selective courses, which include Industrial Engineering and Economics, International Marketing, International Communication in Business, Project and Risk Management, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Training.

In the future, TAMK lecturers will also deliver intensive Finnish learning weeks in China.

“We would like to add courses from our study programmes in order to have classes where both Finnish and Chinese students create an intercultural learning environment,” comments Ulla Häggblom.

Desire to grow further

Both sides have expressed the desire to continue developing new ways of cooperation. The aim is to improve the educational journey of students and development of impactful innovation for the global society.

Ulla Häggblom is interested in developing a Double Degree Programme in Bioproduct Engineering.

“There will be lack of professionals in this field and it has also developed a lot during the past years. We would like to add knowledge and understanding of circular economy and global environmental issues to the collaborative actions”, Ulla Häggblom comments.

“We hope to conduct in-depth cooperation in both education and scientific research fields, such as the exchange of educational and teaching methods, mutual visits of the teachers, scientific research cooperation, and joint training of graduate students,” concludes Dr. Shanshan Wang.


Text: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila

Picture: Jonne Renvall