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Service concept of the Library's Arvo unit will change in August 2022

Published on 14.3.2022
Tampere Universities
Bookshelf in Arvo library.
The Library's unit at Arvo will function as a self-service library from August 2022.

The Library and the representatives of student societies have co-operated to create a new self-service concept. In the future at the Arvo unit’s first floor, you are still able to use the following printed resources on medicine, biomedical sciences and health sciences:

  • course books
  • journals
  • resources for medical specialisation requirements
  • newspapers.

Other essential printed resources on medicine, biomedical sciences and health sciences will be moved from Arvo to TAMK Main campus. All the moved materials can be borrowed from the TAMK Main campus or can be reserved to be collected from other Library units, including Arvo.

Of the library premises in Arvo you can still use the learning center, silent reading room, group study rooms and classroom after the changes. The premises can be accessed with keycard 24/7. Sfaff members of Tays can get a keycard from the campus info at Arvo. You can use all the electronic materials normally regardless of the changes in the library services.