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Seminar on Infrastructure and Technologies in Scholarly Publishing on 31 August 2023

Published on 3.8.2023
Tampere Universities
What kind of ethical questions are related to the use of artificial intelligence? How can the visibility of Open Access books be promoted? Welcome to this seminar hosted by Tampere University Press to discuss current developments in Open Access publishing.

The first part of the seminar is in Finnish, the second half following the coffee break is in English..


12.00–12.05 Tervetuloa seminaariin / Vice President Tapio Visakorpi, Tampere University

12.05–12.20 Tampere University Pressin visiosta / Publishing Manager Susanna Nykyri, Tampere University Press 

12.20–12.35 Tampere University Press <3 / Information Specialist Anna Ruth, Tampere University Press  

12.35–13.15 Kohti timanttimallia? Avoimen julkaisemisen nykytilanne / Associate Professor Mikael Laakso, Hanken  

13.15–13.30 TUPin vuoden kirjan palkitseminen / Professor Emerita Ullamaija Kivikuru, University of Helsinki 

13.30–14.30 Coffee and cake

14.30–15.00 On the visibility of Open Access books / CTO, Head of Research Ronald Snijder, OAPEN Foundation (via Zoom)

15.00–15.15 Technology and culture of editorial/author scamming in academic publishing / Information Specialist Janne-Tuomas Seppänen, Open Science Centre, University of Jyväskylä

15.15–15.45 Using AI in and for Research: Responsibility and Research Ethics / Doctoral Researcher Otto Sahlgren, Tampere University (via Zoom)

15.45–16.00 Discussion 


Slides from the seminar are available on Zenodo.