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Science Slam at Researchers' Night

Tampere University
LocationHämeenkatu 16, 33100 Tampere
Old Irish Pub
Date30.9.2022 16.00–18.00
Entrance feeFree of charge
Sciense Slam Tutkijoiden yö taustalla
How does science fit into stand up -comedy or is science just dust-dry jargon?

Come and witness yourself the ninth round of Science Slam -competition, where researchers combine science and stand up -comedy in hilarious mixture.

Brave scientists take the stage presenting their studies in completely new manner. The event will be of joy and lauhter of scientific nature.

The competitors are (presentations in english):

Luiz Alonso, Faculty of Management and Business

  • Street-Level Bureaucracy

    Social workers, nurses, policemen, teachers, and social security officials are the Street-Level Bureaucrats. They make the critical link between what is planned in cabinets and announced to citizens to the policies that are effectively delivered. The way they make their decisions can change everything: their actions are the face, the true colors of the welfare state to the people.

Olga Dziubaniuk, Faculty of Management and Business

  • New life of old textile

    Olga is focusing on circular economy, recycling/reusing textiles. What it means, how it is important for society, what can be done to improve situation and what is the Finland`s role in all of these? In her research, she focus on circular economy in textile industry specifically in Finland from the business and marketing perspectives.

Lisa Glybchenko, Faculty of Management and Business

  • Visual Peace Technology

    In Visual Peace Technology, Lisa researches the potential of artistic innovation and digital technologies to support peace efforts. Particularly, Lisa explores digital visuality of security and peace, designing virtual reality technologies as peacebuilding tools, and the potential of augmented reality technologies to empower grassroots peacebuilding. The scientific exploration goes hand in hand with original artwork creation, some of which will be presented during the Science Slam presentation. 

Lucie Klus, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences

  • Wearables – From Sci-Fi to Reality

    What used to be a sci-fi just a few years ago becomes a reality. Every day, more and more wearable-based devices are coming into our lives. Some of them we use for their entertaining functions such as listening to music, playing games or to call our friends, but many of them can change our life in much bigger aspects. From enhancing our safety to improving our health and quality of life, the wearables devices are opening new possibilities and perspectives for our future.

Veera Koskue, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

  • In search of hidden treasures: A journey down the toilet

    Veera recently completed her doctorate in technology and is currently continuing as a researcher in the Bio and Circular Economy research group. In her research, she aims to harness the valuable resources of wastewater, such as nutrients and energy, for reuse. The job includes a lot of experimental laboratory work with various wastewaters, as evidenced by the numerous stains on the lab coat. At one point, Veera dreamed of a career as a journalist, until technology took her along. However, she still has the same enthusiasm for communicating about research as for doing research.

Who ist the best / the funniest / the most entertaining? You decide. The victor will be awarded fame and glory and the prestigious golden microphone.

Showtime at 19.00.



Event Management at Tampere University

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