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Professor of Nordic Languages studies the interaction of people with dementia

Published on 26.8.2019
Tampere University
Pohjoismaisten kielten professori Camilla Lindholm
Camilla Lindholm, the recently appointed Professor of Nordic Languages at Tampere University, is an expert on the language and interaction of people with dementia. Her research on this topic, which started from personal interest, has continued for more than ten years.

“I had jobs working with old people while studying at the upper secondary school and university. I realised that dementia does not just affect memory; it also affects language,” Lindholm says.

With a colleague, she is currently writing an article on the challenges of trust in the interaction of people with dementia and interlocutors.

She also has an ongoing Academy of Finland -funded research project on interaction in mental health rehabilitation where she focuses on social inclusion in micro level situations.

Lindholm is also interested in easy-to-read language. Her research topic perfectly fits the profile of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences and its Languages Unit where expert communications is one of the research themes.

“In teaching, it is possible to set up joint easy-to-read projects with various actors in society. That also introduces the element of societal interaction,” Lindholm points out.

Research into the language and interaction of people with dementia has led Lindholm and three partners to start a company called Memocate, which offers training on encountering and interacting with persons with dementia. So far, mainly professionals have been trained with online tools and workshops. However, an open website for relatives will be launched soon.

“My contribution is to offer and apply my scientific understanding. Other people take care of the training,” Lindholm explains.

“I find it extremely important to demonstrate that society needs scientific knowledge also from the humanities. Humanists have a vital role in disseminating knowledge,” she adds.

Born in Sipoo, Lindholm earned her academic degrees at the University of Helsinki. Before her current position, she worked as University Lecturer, Academy Research Fellow and Professor at the University of Helsinki for about ten years.

Lindholm holds various academic positions of trust. She serves, for example, on the editorial boards of academic journals, but she is also active in society.

“I am really happy and proud of us setting up the Swedish-language reference group for easy to read in Finland, which is an organisation equivalent to the Finnish Advisory Committee for Easy to Read, but for Swedish-speaking Finns. I really appreciate being involved in it,” Lindholm says.

Professor Camilla Lindholm, tel. +358 50 318 2500, camilla.lindholm [at]

Photograph: Jonne Renvall