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‘The people’ in question: reflections on the relationship between citizenship and constitutionalism

Tampere University
LocationKalevantie 5, Tampere
City Centre Campus, Linna Building, Väinö Linna auditorium
Entrance feeFree of charge
An open lecture by Professor Jo Shaw will be given at 23rd January 2019, at 14-16.

Professor Jo Shaw (New Social Research, Faculty of Management and Business) will give an open lecture.

The discipline of Public Law of Faculty of Management welcomes all to listen and discuss on citizenship and constitutionalism with professor Jo Shaw.

National citizenship is a mechanism whereby the state and state institutions ‘choose’ who to include in and exclude from the polity. Citizenship laws do this, in the first instance, through rules on acquisition and loss. In a sense, this is the external aspect of citizenship, organising individuals by reference to the territorial and legal boundaries of states. But the existence of a constitutional framework that directly or indirectly addresses the concept of citizenship enables the state to make these choices ‘in the name of the people’ and allows for deeper and thicker principles of ‘constitutional identity’ to be invoked.
This paper explores the dynamic relationship between citizenship and constitutionalism, focusing in particular on issues of constitutional identity, the acquisition and loss of citizenship, the ‘citizenships of globalisation’ and the interface of citizenship rights and constitutional rights.

The event is open for all. For coffee, please register here by 16th January.


For more information, please contact:
University Teacher Siina.Raskulla [at] (Siina Raskulla), tel. 050 437 7064