Peace as/in practice(s): Half a century of Peace Research in Tampere

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TAPRI’s 50th Anniversary Seminar

This year TAPRI begins its 50th anniversary celebrations. TAPRI was founded in 1969 by a law passed by the Finnish Parliament and began its work the following year. TAPRI is now celebrating the half centennial institutional journey of peace research in Finland. In 50 years TAPRI has grown and changed: TAPRI is now hosted by Tampere University and it has become one of the leading centres of peace research globally, attracting scholars around the world to Tampere. Furthermore, TAPRI is the sole provider of degree programmes in peace research at the master’s level and at the PhD level in Finland. To celebrate the anniversary, we would like to honour everyone who has made this development possible and bravely look into the future and ask what kind of roles peace research has and how it can answer to today’s global challenges. In our anniversary seminar we would like to bridge the divide between academic and practitioners’ worlds by discussing the societal impact of peace research beyond academia and focus on peace as/in practice(s).   


Vice President Juha Teperi

Professor Tarja Väyrynen


Keynote speakers:  

President Tarja Halonen 

Professor PirkkoLiisa Raudaskoski (Aalborg University) 

Director Kirsi Henriksson (CMC Finland) 




The event is open to everyone, but due to the coffee offered in the event, please pre-register.


Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

Further information

Marko Lehti (marko.lehti@tuni.fi),
Anna Sofia Suoranta (anna.suoranta@tuni.fi)