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Open e-resources on monkeypox

Published on 12.9.2022
Tampere Universities
Several publishers and organisations have made e-resources freely available due to the monkeypox epidemic. We'll continue to update the list.

Monkeypox Information Center: research articles and e-books in collections Monkeypox Heathcare Hub, The Lancet Monkeypox Collection and ScienceDirect

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC
Monkeypox: epidemiologic data and articles for healthcare professionals

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare 

JAMA Network 
Monkeypox: research articles and news

National Library of Medicine NLM
Public Health Emergency Monkeypox Initiative: queries in PMC, PubMed and Bookshelf.
Some materials behind a paywall.

SAGE Open Research on Monkeypox: research articles

Monkeypox in Focus: open resources in collections  Nature Portfolio, BMC and Springer

Taylor & Francis
Monkeypox Article Collection: research articles

World Health Organization WHO
Monkeypox: news, research articles, and reports 

Wolters Kluwer
Monkeypox Resources for Health Professionals: research articles and patient instructions in UpToDate and Lippincott Journals

More information: hankinta.kirjasto [at]