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News from the newspaper reading room

Published on 1.12.2023
Tampere Universities
Pino sanomalehtiä.
Operational changes of the newspaper reading room in early 2024

The use of printed newspapers and the newspaper reading room collection has significantly decreased and the newspaper reading room will cease to operate at the beginning of 2024.

A comprehensive range of newspapers is available as microfilms or in print from the National Library of Finland, and newspapers from the Pirkanmaa region are also available from the local collection of Tampere City Library. The microfilms of Aamulehti and Helsingin Sanomat (1980–2016) will be available on the 3rd floor of the Library's Linna unit. The transfer will take place at the turn of the year.

Most of the journals will also be available electronically through the National Library's Tutkain project, using the university community's IDs and a visitor computer on the 1st floor of the Library's Linna unit.