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New Level Unlocked - Episode 1

Congratulations! New Level Unlocked!

Welcome to the new series of events and media shows brought to you by Y-Kampus, the first base of entrepreneurial endeavors at the heart of Tampere Universities. Get ready to meet, connect and learn from incredible entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem builders and feeders, coaches and other inspiring humans from Silicon Valley and beyond.

Episode 1 of the New Level Unlocked will take place on Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 16.00 - 22.00 at the virtual venue Hopin. It is all about Mission and Vision - something that drives us to create and never give up on our brainchild until we see its first steps in real life, its growth, and most importantly its impact.

So, what is it that motivates us? How to keep faith in a mission after failures? What makes some visions more successful than others? And how can we learn to understand ourselves better as well as what we want to do with our time in this world?

Come to our virtual venue by 19.30 and stay until 21.00 to hear views from Silicon Valley, London and Finland represented by:

  • Andy Tang, CEO at Draper University, Managing Director at Draper Dragon Fund and Partner at Draper Associates;
  • Elliott Callender, Founder and CEO at a creative learning studio Nodeunlock;
  • Pyry Hurula, Co-Founder and CFE at Sori Brewing.

We have only a limited amount of spots at the virtual venue! So first come, first served. At the virtual venue, you will be able to visit expo booths of our sponsors and harvest all the generous giveaways and discounts that they have offered exclusively for the event participants!

Don’t miss out on this gem and come as you are!

Yours truly, 

Growth Hackers at Y-Kampus
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