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New e-resources for use to Tampere higher education community for 2020

Published on 8.1.2020
Tampere Universities
Tampere University Library has acquired a lot of new e-resources for use for the Tampere higher education community. We provide the entire academic community with essential electronic and printed resources for teaching, studying and research. Our e-resources can be accessed by students and staff of the higher education community, as well as Tays staff, both online and offline at the University / hospital network. Other clients can access e-resources on client computers in the library premises.

New acquired databases for everyone to use:


Orbis Global database contains business information worldwide, including company account information, information on company structure, ownership, industries and corporate news. It is possible to find, analyze and compare company information for academic research as well as for professional services. 


EconLit with FullText

The database offers complete coverage of the economics field. The database includes more than 670 full-text journals and 15 full-text books related to the subjects such as capital markets, econometrics, environmental economics and labor economics. 


JoVE Video Journal (Journal of Visualized Experiments)

JoVE Video Journal is the first peer-reviewed video journal that consists of high-quality videos and detailed descriptions that facilitate the scientific reproducibility of the research topic. The journal covers 10 disciplines: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, Bioengineering, Developmental Biology, Environment, Immunology and Infection, and Neuroscience.


JoVE Science Education

Videolibrary contains easily understandable instructional videos designed to support basic education. The collections available are Engineering and Chemistry.


eMagz-aikakauslehtipalvelu (in Finnish, only on campus areas, no remote access) 

The press service contains 20 magazines and hobby magazines from different fields: Avotakka, Evento+S&A, Hifimaailma, Hyvä Terveys, Image, Kameralehti, Kemia-Kemi, Kiinteistö ja Energia, Kotilääkäri, Lapsen Maailma, Mondo, Moottori, Parnasso, Pelit, Perheterapia, Rakennuslehti, Soundi, Suomen Kuvalehti (sis. TV-Maailma), Tekniikan Maailma ja Tiede. The service is not remotely accessible and magazines cannot be downloaded to your device. The magazines have a 24-month archive.


Yearbook of International Organizations 

The Yearbook includes detailed information on over 70 000 international organizations. Coverage includes intergovernmental (IGOs) and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). Approximately 1,200 new organizations are added each year.


MOT Kielipalvelu

Will be replaced by the new MOT Kielipalvelu service within two years. So far the old and new MOT interfaces work parallel. The new MOT Kielipalvelu will include more dictionaries, more language pairs to MOT Translation and grammar and spell checker in MOT Proofing for several languages. For now MOT Books is available in the old interface.


You will find new databases from the library database list. For remote access, sign in to databases with your Tuni-id.   

If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact the library: