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Mediapolis library unit materials will transfer to TAMK Main Campus library unit

Published on 27.9.2022
Tampere Universities
Mediapoliksen kirjasto.
As part of the more efficient use of the TAMK properties, a multipurpose space will be created in Mediapolis at the place of the current library and lobby. The goal is to design a multi-functional space together with students and staff.

The student organization Tarina is involved in coordinating the project in the fall of 2022. The change requires that the library's updated collection is transferred to the Kuntokatu library unit. The business and media unit in Mediapolis will have a reference library and a DVD collection.

The Mediapolis books will be moved to the main campus step by step. The course books will be the first to be transferred at the beginning of October and 15.10. the library facilities at the Mediapolis unit will be closed. After the transition period, the library's materials and services are available at TAMK Main campus.

You can return the library material to the Mediapolis unit until the end of October. From the beginning of November, you can return the material to all our other library units

More information: niina.jallinoja [at] (Niina Jallinoja), Director, Business and Media. suvipaivi.poytalaakso-koistinen [at] (Suvipäivi Pöytälaakso-Koistinen), Library Services.