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Opiskelija Mediapoliksen studiossa.

For the media

Please contact our communication services for all media enquiries.

Tampere University

Please contact the Tampere University media services by calling +358 294 520 800 or emailing viestinta.tau [at] We are available Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00.  

Staff of Tampere University communications and marketing

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

Please contact the Media Services of Tampere University of Applied Sciences via email viestinta.tamk [at] We are available Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00.

Staff of TAMK communications and marketing


For photos of our Universities, please see our public photo gallery. If you have specific photo needs, please contact viestinta.tau [at] or viestinta.tamk [at]


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Tampere Universities magazine Unit – together for deeper knowledge

Women in war and peace

Tarja Väyrynen pulls a hood of her coat over her head.

Armed warfare is strongly associated in the mind with men. In international peace negotiations, too, women are often sitting on the sidelines, unable to participate.

Who is too old for work?

A soldier has taken the queens place on the chess board.

People are encouraged to keep working for as long as possible. But there is a big discrepancy between grand speeches and the practices of working life.

Care robotics don’t replace a human being

Tuuli Turja is lifting Taru Manner with the help of exoskeleton.

Care robotics technology will make care workers’ jobs easier while making patients feel safer and activating them. It can even ease the nursing shortage.

TUNI, TAU and TAMK – what do these abbreviations mean?

TUNI is the acronym for Tampere Universities community (or Tampere Universities). It stands for the University Group, which comprises Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. is our common address on the website and in emails, but we do not use the TUNI acronym in speech and text. Instead, we prefer the more understandable forms “University and University of Applied Sciences” or “University and TAMK”.

TAU is the acronym for Tampere University. However, in speech and text, we prefer to use the word “University” instead of the abbreviation.

TAMK is the abbreviation for Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The acronym TAMK is the best known and can also be used in speech and text if the acronym is first explained.