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Master studies in screenwriting boosted Eeva Putro in creating “Tove”

Published on 20.11.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Eeva Putro at Tove premiere
Even for a distinguished professional, an intensive international degree programme can open new prespective and networks. Film making is a universal business where the shared feedback by mentors and fellow students can reinforce one's own voice and working processes.

“The course helped me improve my writing skills by seeing my writing projects as a whole, from start to finish. It is great for me to now have that perspective in my toolbox,” exclaims Eeva Putro, the master screenwriter behind "Tove", a film of the beloved Finnish creator of Moomin characters, Tove Jansson.

With the course Eeva Putro refers to her Master's Degree in Screenwriting at TAMK. An intensive, international one-year programme invites film making professionals with diverse backgrounds and nationalities. According to Putro, this can only help build an international career and networks.

The studies cover all phases of creative screenwriting process and are workshop-oriented. The degree programme offers a great range of professional mentors who supervise and support the student’s independent work. The group sessions on the other hand foster a mutual exchange of ideas with both lecturers and fellow students. This ensures that each student receives a lot of feedback on the assignments, promoting both personal and professional growth.

The structural thinking that Eeva Putro learnt during her master studies, together with the feedback and support from her peers and colleagues, helped her in creating an engaging story in her script for “Tove”.

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The film “Tove” was released in autumn of 2020 and is getting large audiences in Finnish cinemas. "Tove" is Finland's nominee for the Oscar Academy Awards in 2021.

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Photo: Eeva Putro’s archives