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Library's information searching teaching is further developed - DI and MAB Master's students' teaching is now an online course in Moodle learning environment

Published on 24.8.2022
Tampere University
Ready to study: open laptop, to do list and a coffee cup.
In the academic year 2022-2023, the library will pilot an online course for part of the Master's/DI students. It can be accessed anywhere at any time. The digital learning environment can be found in Moodle. The online course in information searching skills provides flexibility for the final stage of studies and meets the needs of the students.

Information searching skills - focus on students' competences

Tampere University Library is responsible for teaching information searching skills as part of the degree programmes. Information searching skills, which can be defined as the ability to search for, evaluate, use, and share information, are firmly embedded in the learning outcomes of the higher education community. Information literacy skills are vital and strongly linked to good scientific practice, and through this also to research skills.

In the first phase, the target group of the online course pilot are the DI degree programmes of the Hervanta campus and the master's degree students of the Faculty of Management and Business (MAB). The course will be arranged in Moodle, and upon completion, students will receive a partial credit in the Sisu student information system. The recommended time for completion of the course is at the beginning of the thesis project, so that the information search for the thesis has a good start.

The online course area will be available on 29.8.2022.

The Tampere University Library actively collects feedback on the teaching of information searching skills and uses this feedback to develop its teaching to meet the needs of the changing information society and the needs and wishes of students and teachers.  Online and digital pedagogical tools open new possibilities for the development of teaching and the library wants to be actively involved in the development of digital vision. We want to combine pedagogical expertise and use digital tools appropriately to support student learning.  The advantage of online material, as opposed to the previous face-to-face teaching, is that students can return to the course content and review important areas of information searching easily and flexibly as needed.

– We have repeatedly received feedback from students in their thesis or diploma work phase for a more flexible way to complete the course, says Mervi Miettinen, Head of services / Information Resources and Services in the Library. She is also responsible for the information searching skills curriculum.

– Some students already have the basic information literacy skills from their bachelor's degree thanks to the library's teaching, and when searching for information for a thesis. or dissertation väikkäri pois  they need to revise and partly deepen their existing knowledge. The advantage of the online course is that it is not tied to a specific time or place, so students can complete it at a time that best suits them, continues Miettinen. 

– We at the library have several years of experience in designing online courses, adds Miettinen.

The library warmly welcomes students to the online course on information searching! Let's learn together about scientific information retrieval!