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Hannu Kivimäki appointed Professor of Practice in Journalism

Published on 6.6.2023
Tampere University
Hannu Kivimäki has been appointed as Tampere University’s Professor of Practice in Journalism for the academic year 2023–2024. During his career, Kivimäki has specialized in visual journalism, news page design and user experience design. Before his current job at consulting company Gofore, Kivimäki worked as Aamulehti’s Head of Design

Hannu Kivimäki takes up the post of Tampere University’s Professor of Practice in Journalism in August 2023.  During his year as Professor of Practice, Kivimäki focuses on providing understanding of where visual journalism can take the journalistic field.

– Visual journalism has the ability to carry journalism as a field successfully into the future as one internalizes the new ways of consume journalism, the opportunities provided by new technology and the profession’s eternal goal of making the world understandable.

According to Kivimäki, visuality is a more and more important aspect of all communications and even complex topics can be made understandable with visuality. Visual means can also be used to create a deeper connection with the audience. Pictures and videos often make the viewers emotional and empathetic.

During his career, Hannu Kivimäki has worked in multiple editorial roles. He started his career as a writing journalist as has since worked in Aamulehti both as a photographer, photo editor, visual journalist, layout manager and the Head of Design

– I’ve always been curious to try new job roles and it has been fruitful. I think that I have a comprehensive view of both the editorial work as well as the editorial processes and publishing systems.

Of the different types of visual journalism, Kivimäki is interested especially in data visualization, experiential journalism and new visual modes of narration.  In 2021–2022 , he completed a Master of Arts degree in Journalism in Los Angeles USC Annenberg where he specialized in data journalism, product design and VR and AR experiences conducted with new technologies.

– I crave capturing storytelling and societally significant journalism. My strengths are in refining the correctly chosen mode of narration. Only refined journalism leaves a memory trace and makes an impression.

Kivimäki also wants to offer the students and the academic community his views on how digital service development and journalism are linked. Currently, Kivimäki works in the consulting group Gofore where he does service design for customers in both the public and the private sector.

– Nowadays it is particularly important to utilize the combined power of the artificial intelligence and manmade journalism. There are a lot of fears surrounding the AI and a lot of hype as well. Personally, I think that AI can be used as an effective co-worker for journalists.

Hannu Kivimäki has graduated from Tampere University in 2010.

– It is exciting to come back to a familiar place with my backpack full of experiences. I hope my enthusiasm catches onto the students as well. I really look forward to us getting to think about and create journalism together. I was still a student in the United States a year ago and it will be interesting to see what studying looks like in Tampere University today.

The Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences, Pekka Verho, states that the annually changing Professor of Practice in Journalism provides the faculty with an excellent opportunity to combine the latest trends in work life with education. This year, the search was oriented specifically towards visual journalism and data journalism. The study of visuality is one of the faculty’s rising fields in education and research and Kivimäki contributes to it by focusing on the new modes of visual journalism.

– For this annually changing role as Professor of Practice, we received accomplished applicants both from within Finland and internationally. Kivimäki’s expertise matches our faculty’s profile and the task areas that were mentioned in our call for applications. We excitedly wait for our cooperation.

The visiting professorship, nowadays called the Professor of Practice, has existed at Tampere University since 2007. During this academic year (2022–2023), the post is held by journalist Johanna Vehkoo.  Every year, the person appointed as the Professor of Practice is an experienced professional in the field who is expected to share their knowledge and experience with the students and contribute to the development of education and research in journalism. The appointment group tasked with recruiting the Professor of Practice for the academic year 2023–2024 included Jutta Högmander, Marko Ala-Fossi, Anssi Männistö, Asko Lehmuskallio, Iiris Ruoho and Pekka Verho.

Contact information:

Hannu Kivimäki
hannu.kivimaki [at]
+358 50 564 1111

Pekka Verho
pekka.verho [at]
+358 40 849 0456

Hannu Kivimäki, journalistiikan työelämäprfessori 2023-2024

Photos: Antti Yrjönen