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Hanna Kinnari-Korpela started as the Director of the School of Industrial Engineering

Published on 22.3.2024
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Hanna Kinnari-Korpela Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun tiloissa.
Hanna Kinnari-Korpela (PhD, tech.) started working as the Director of the School of Industrial Engineering at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) on 14 March 2024. She has worked at TAMK for twenty years in various positions in the field of technology education.

Hanna Kinnari-Korpela has worked as a lecturer in mathematics and information technology in TAMK's engineering education, as the head of the degree programme in ICT and Software Engineering, as well as in various national and international RDIC tasks. She sees the position of the Director of the School of Industrial Engineering as a new and exciting challenge in her career. 

“I have a constant desire to develop and grow. I've been a member of the school's management team since 2017, so I'm familiar with it. I have been working in the field of technology education since the early 2000s. I approach the role of director with great enthusiasm and interest. I can take this job with confidence because I know I can rely on the skills of the staff in the unit. My hope is to shape my role suitable for me so that I can help my unit to succeed in the best way.” 

Kinnari-Korpela aims to be a people-oriented and approachable director. 

“There is plenty of knowledge and expertise in the unit, which I value highly. I want to listen to people and do my best for the well-being of the staff. Well-being enables people to reach their full potential at work.” 

Kinnari-Korpela has ideas for the development of the unit, but she intends to involve the staff and those with different responsibilities in the discussion. She thinks it is important, for example, to develop a sense of community. 

Education reforms are needed in the changing world 

Kinnari-Korpela has been closely involved in the Digivisio 2030 project. The project, a joint effort of all Finnish higher education institutions, is building the future of learning in the changing world and developing a new kind of digital service that will initially serve as a provider of continuous and flexible learning. On taking up the post of director, Kinnari-Korpela will relinquish the internal Digivisio-related change work at TAMK, but will continue in a lighter role. 

“From now on, I will be a member of TAMK's internal Digivisio 2030 development team.” 

The transformation of artificial intelligence will affect the education and projects of the School of Industrial Engineering. 

“We have strengthened our expertise in the use of data and AI. We offer an attractive and multidisciplinary master's degree programme in data expertise and AI. It is good to have a discussion with lecturers about how we use AI as a part of our education. Our graduates should know how to use AI in their work.” 

Kinnari-Korpela believes it is important to use the perspective of all genders in the field of technology. In the School of Industrial Engineering, the number of women in degree programmes is low. 

“I myself was interested in technology and mathematics as a child, which came strongly from home. Technology studies need to be introduced to potential students of the future in a positive way. Successful career stories of women can also encourage girls and women to study technology.” 

Text: Emmi Suominen  
Photo: Pekka Kaatiala