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Guidelines issued by the pandemic group of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Published on 16.8.2021
Tampere Universities
Illustration photo from Hervanta campus.
The pandemic group of Tampere Universities convened on 16 August 2021. The group confirmed the Covid-related guidelines that will remain in place across Tampere Universities from 17 August to 24 October 2021. The guidelines will be revised in response to changes in the scale of the pandemic if necessary.

The goal is to deliver in-person teaching especially to first-year students and second-year students at the beginning of the new academic year. In-person classes and exams may take place on the campuses, but the persons present in the venue must wear a face mask and keep a safe distance from one another. However, classes that would bring together more than 100 people must be organised in a virtual format. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will issue their own guidelines regarding exams. If a virtual class is a suitable option, teaching may be delivered remotely even if the prescribed maximum number of participants is not exceeded.

The goal is to ensure the continuity of operations and students’ ability to graduate. Coming to the campuses is allowed but the social distancing guidelines, gathering limits and the recommendation to wear a face must be observed. Do not come to the campus if you are feeling unwell. The guidelines may be revised to tighten or ease the restrictions in response to changes in the scale of the outbreak and the instructions issued by the public authorities. 

To minimise the risk of infection, the campus buildings will remain closed to external persons. Staff and students can access the campus premises with their key card. External persons are able to visit the campuses but must observe the safety measures. Hosts will coordinate the moving of their visitors in the campus facilities from the entrance onwards.  

Staff must adhere to the safety measures when working on our campuses. In order to safeguard the delivery of in-person teaching, staff members are recommended to work remotely when the performance of their tasks does not require their physical presence on campus.

The University Library’s facilities and services are available to the members of the Tampere Universities community. External customers are not able to access the premises, with the exception of the pick-up location for library items on the Hervanta campus.

Events and gatherings may take place in the premises of Tampere Universities, but they are capped at 50 people and the social distancing guidelines and safety measures must be observed. The campus facilities cannot be booked by external stakeholders, and it is not possible to organise public events on the campuses. The campus restaurants and SportUni can operate in accordance with the current guidelines and the instructions issued by the public authorities.

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