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Future is Made in Finland - Episode III: Join the Revolution of Light and Image

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Light is one of the most important ingredients in the natural ecosystems, it is necessary for plants to grow, and to provide energy to warm the earth's atmosphere. Our most beloved and crucial devices are based on transmitting, sensing or imaging of light. Without classic innovations like the light bulb, microscope, optical fibers and laser, the modern civilization would never had reached its current heyday.

This webinar dives into the secrets of photonics and imaging in one of the world’s strongest imaging R&D and business ecosystems located in Tampere, Finland. The webinar highlights the work of Finnish Flagship on Photonics Research and Innovation PREIN and showcases the innovation paths from theory all the way to device development.

Would this transformative field be your path to a future-proof career? Or would you like to learn more to set up research cooperation with our world leading researchers and innovators? Tune in to explore the ecosystem combining academic excellence with an inspirational community of game changers, cutting edge companies, multinationals as well as start-ups.

The episode is facilitated by Tampere University and features experts and representatives from University of Eastern Finland and companies working in the field.