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Frank Emmert-Streib: Science of Data, the “oil of the twenty-first century”

Published on 8.6.2023
Tampere University
Henkilökuva Frank Emmert-Streibista
Frank Emmert-Streib is a Professor of Data Science at Tampere University where he leads the Predictive Society and Data Analytics Lab. Data is everywhere, and every field of science or industry generates data in a seemingly effortless manner. Examples are genomic measurements of patients, transactions on the stock market or communication on social media. For this reason, data has been called the “oil of the twenty-first century”. To deal with this flood of data, a new field has been established called data science.

The name data science appeared first in the 1970 but it took until 2007 when in Shanghai the first Research Center for Dataology and Data Science has been established where Dataology means 'science of data'. Data science combines the skill sets and expert knowledge of many different fields, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, network science and statistics. This makes the field inherently interdisciplinary because each of these fields has its own history.  

The availability of data provides opportunities in all fields of science to gain new information and to tackle difficult problems. However, data alone do not provide information; first, they need to be analyzed. This is called learning from data which is at the heart of data science. 

In his lecture, Emmert-Streib will address three questions that allow you to get some insights into data science: 

  • What data are studied by data science? 

  • Current challenges of data science? 

  • How to become a data scientist? 

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