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The first international Master’s Double Degree Programme starts at TAMK

Published on 14.1.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
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TAMK starts a new English-taught Master’s Double Degree Programme in International Business Management in cooperation with Hochschule Worms, University of Applied Sciences. This is the first Double Degree Programme in TAMK on Master’s level. The application period for International Business Management Programme is currently running and is open until 19th of January.

Joint initiative created a unique Double Degree Programme

Sven Rassl, Senior Lecturer of Business and Media and the Director of the Programme at TAMK says that the starting point for creating the Double Degree Programme was TAMK’s internationalisation strategy. The planning of the programme began last year together with Martin Keim, Professor and the Director of the Programme at Hochschule Worms in Germany.

“The development process was fast, since there was a mutual intention between both universities and the course selections were supporting each other,” Keim states.

“Germany is an important trade partner for Finland when it comes to import and export. There is a need for international business experts with cultural knowledge in the job market”, Rassl says.

Henning Kehr, Vice President of Hochschule Worms, says that an important aspect for starting the Programme together with TAMK was the entrepreneurial mindset of Finland.

“It is an interesting and important aspect, a lot of companies in Germany are looking for skilled people with international experience”, Kehr adds.

Cultural experience brings extra value to the studies

All students selected in the Double Degree Programme start their studies in their home university. After studying 30 ects they will go abroad to the partner institution to continue their studies. The students will finalize their studies in their home university with the Master’s thesis. In total the programme consists of 90 ects and lasts 1,5 years. The graduates receive two Master’s Degrees; one from TAMK and one from Hochschule Worms. In the first cohort there will be three students selected from both universities.

“Conducting part of the studies abroad is important. Experiencing the foreign culture by living and studying widens the perspective of the students”, Rassl says.

“A big asset to the students is also that both Worms and Tampere region offer many practical training or job opportunities. There is a wide selection of vibrant companies in both regions. Not to forget the cultural richness in general, Worms being a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has many cultural things to offer“, Kehr points out.

Double Degree brings needed specialists to the job market

The goal is that in the future the programme will attract more students. The selected students have already work experience which will bring beneficial insights in their studies. The Programme also offers valuable networking opportunities for students.

“The Double Degree students can stand out in the job market; the two degrees give them competitive edge. It really offers additional skillset to their curriculum,” Rassl adds.

Keim also states that the Double Degree has all good elements for the students.

“It offers many career options to choose from and enables studies abroad by getting a competitive degree. The Double Degree is beneficial also for the companies. Studying abroad proves that these students are flexible and able to adjust on changes. It also shows that they are proactive, which is an asset to any company.” Keim states.

Kehr is happy with the cooperation with TAMK. “The Double Degree Programme is a wonderful start for a beneficial cooperation and there are plans to develop the cooperation in the future. There have been discussions about staff exchange and common research projects”, Kehr celebrates.


More information:

Sven Rassl, Senior Lecturer of Business and Media at TAMK

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Text: Riikka Mölkänen

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