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The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards more than €1.7 million in grants to researchers at Tampere University

Published on 16.2.2024
Tampere University
Tutkimusta ja toimintaa, yksityiskohtia ja näkymää Tampereelta.
Kuva: Jonne Renvall/Tampereen yliopisto
Researchers at Tampere University have collectively received €1.7 million in grants from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Foundation gave out more than €30 million to support science, the arts and culture.

The October application round marks the first time the Foundation received over 10,000 applications. One in ten were accepted. 

Tampere University’s Juniversity, which offers science outreach activities to children and young people, received funding for two projects that promote AI literacy among pupils in primary and lower secondary schools and media literacy among pupils in lower secondary schools, respectively. The Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded €205 000 to Juniversity’s projects.

Professor Emerita Marja Jylhä and the COCTEL research group (The longevity revolution - implications for the need and costs of health and social services) received a €59,000 grant for a study on memory impairments. Professor Atte Oksanen and his group received €40,000 for collecting data from six countries across Europe in 2024 for a longitudinal study titled Self & Technology. PhD Katariina Parhi and photographer Vesa Ranta received €49,000 for a non-fiction book exploring the history of workhouses.

Researchers at Tampere University collectively secured 67 grants totalling €1,738,000.

Of all the disciplines represented at Tampere University, social sciences received the largest share of funding (23 successful proposals and a total of €604,000 in grants).

Of the more than €30 million, 43% was directed to the arts and 57% to science. The Finnish Cultural Foundation gives out more than €50 million annually, making it one of the largest grant-making foundations in Finland.

A grant worth €30,000 or more was awarded to 48 researchers at Tampere University. The Finnish Cultural Foundation also gave out smaller grants ranging from €3,000 to €27,500 to 19 of our researchers. 

All the grant recipients are listed on the website of the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Finnish Cultural Foundation: More than 30 million euros given to support science, the arts, and culture