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The Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) has ten research centres

Published on 14.2.2024
Tampere University
Photo: ITC-tiedekunta
The ITC faculty renewed its research architecture. In 2023, ITC organized a research centre search and now we have ten research centres.


In the 2023 call for applications, ten research communities applied to become a research centre.  Our Research Centres are self-organised research communities, initiated by researchers and research teams, which bring together research expertise in a specific thematic area, including across faculty boundaries.  


ITC as a faculty is very broad and multidisciplinary. The new research centres reflect this interdisciplinarity and provide a good tool for raising the profile of our research and for a joint debate on the future of our research. 

Dean Jyrki Vuorinen 

Research centres:


 - The Faculty will continue to organise calls for research centres, and we are constantly developing our activities and research infrastructure. The centres will play an important role in achieving the university's strategic goals, such as increasing external funding," says Maija Belliard, ITC Research Specialist.     

- Increasing the sense of community has also been a major wish and need, to which the research centres can contribute, Jyrki Vuorinen says.   

- The research centres help to organise research activities, but our faculty also has research groups outside the research centres, reminds Vuorinen.   

Dekaani Jyrki Vuorinen


The organisation of the research centres is under way and their websites will be ready in the spring.