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Experience the future: Students are invited to explore the futuristic investing experience! (will end before middle of October)

Location Tampere
City centre campus, Tampere University
26.9.2022 0.00–15.10.2022 23.45
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Entrance feeFree of charge
Call for participants. Students are invited to explore the futuristic investing experience! (compensate with grocery store coupons).

You are invited to take part in a study about the digitalized investing experience. As a participant in our study, you would be asked to complete an investing-related task in an offline experiment (Tampere University, City centre campus) and fill out our surveys. We only recruit students who are not colorblind and are not susceptible to motion sickness. Participation is entirely voluntary and would take up approximately 1 hour of your time.  

If you are interested in participating in this study, please first fill out this online registration form, it only takes a few minutes to complete. In the form you will be asked to indicate the earliest month you would like to participate. After your registration, our researcher will contact you by email as soon as possible and guide you on how to book our experiment in the selected month.  

In appreciation of your time, you will receive coupon(s) redeemable at local grocery stores (ranging from 5 to 20 euros, based on the task performance). All data will be coded so that your anonymity will be protected in any research publications resulting from this study.  

You can find more information here.   

The research work has been funded by OP Ryhmän Tutkimussäätiö (grant no. 20200040), Academy of Finland 'Digiconsumers' (grant no. 327241), and 'UNITE Flagship' (grant no. 337653). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Elpida Bampouni (elpida.bampouni [at], Ans Ahmad (ans.ahmad [at] and Dr. Nannan Xi (nannan.xi [at]

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26.9.2022 0.00–15.10.2022 23.45
3.10.2022 0.00–22.10.2022 23.45
10.10.2022 0.00–29.10.2022 23.45

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Elpida Bampouni ( Ans Ahmad ( Dr. Nannan Xi (