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Exceptional times bring no change to the ever-growing number of applications to TAMK’s degree programmes in English

Published on 20.1.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Enkkuhaun uutiskuva TAMK
More than 1 000 more applications for English-language degree programs starting next fall than last year. Two new degree programs prepare solvers for global ecological and social challenges.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has a total of 11 degree programmes starting in autumn 2022. Application round for these programmes ended on 19 January 2022 and again a record number of applications was received, 4 329 in total. The corresponding number last year was 3 276 with an increase of over 32 %. 

Joint national application brought Bachelor’s degrees a total number of 4 049 applications while a direct application round to our mid-career Master’s yielded a more modest 280 applications. 

Lead in popularity among Bachelor’s degrees goes to an expected duo, International Business (1 212 applications) and Software Engineering (1 037 applications). The most popular Master’s degree continues to be International Business Management (103 applications). 

Abundance in the number of applications speaks of continued trust in TAMK and our education as well as young people’s strong faith in their future. We are responding on our part to the challenge in increasing education-based immigration in fields that are or will be suffering from lack of educated work force, says Päivi Karttunen as Vice President of Education and Learning Services.

Two new degree programs 

This year, two new English medium degree programmes were open for applicants at TAMK: Bachelor's degree in Textile and Material Engineering and Master's degree in Community Work and Multicultural Development.

Textile and Material Engineering graduates are engineers who create innovations and solve global environmental challenges in the industry. There is currently no textile engineering training anywhere else in Finland.

The Community Work and Multicultural Development degree programme is a socio-political and humanities program that provides an excellent opportunity to explore global, ecological and social challenges and solutions to sustainable development.

New entrance exam totally online

All degree programmes take in both domestic and international students. In spring 2022 most of our Bachelor’s degrees will be using a new national consortium-based International UAS Exam which will be totally online. TAMK is anticipating positive results from the new admissions route based on years of experience from a corresponding exam used in national selections and previous online experience from direct application rounds to TAMK. 

More information on the International UAS Exam: 

Application period to TAMK degrees in Finnish language is 16-30 March 2022. Read more at:  Later on the spring we will have selected degree programmes open also in the Transfer and Open path application rounds. 


Further information:  
TAMK Admissions, admissions.tamk [at]  
Head of Student Recruitment Marjo Korhonen, marjo.korhonen [at]