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Environmental care and social progress - impossible connection?

Tampere University
LocationÅkerlundinkatu 5, 33100 Tampere
Virta-building, room 327
5.6.2023 7.00–11.00
Registration deadline: 3.6.2023,21.00
Entrance feeFree of charge
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Are environmental care and social progress impossible to connect? Welcome to discuss about it in the workshop on World Environment Day 5.6.2023!

The workshop discusses findings from a coming publication, where authors question, how the beliefs, values and virtues in education and governance relate to social progress, forced migration, technologization, citizenship and democracy.  

The workshop builds on a dialogical publishing process between researchers from Austria, Bangladesh, Estonia, Finland, Germany and Iraq Kurdistan. The process started by questioning whether the policies and goals of the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) are inherently and mutually consistent, and whether they have mobilized scholars in social sciences and humanities into planetary collaboration, beyond competition about external funding and advancement of their careers. It continued by problematizing the human-, social- and Global North-centric concept of development, which largely overlaps with progress and growth in economy, industry, and wellbeing. (Information from previous workshops here , here and here

The keynote speaker in the workshop is Professor of Public Administration Aka Firowz Ahmad from Stamford University of Bangladesh, currently visiting Tampere University.  

Below the outline of the event, including a short break:  

10.00 Welcome. Anja Heikkinen, Nasrin Jinia   

Presentation and discussion: Responses to Climate Change in Bangladesh: Adaptation or Mitigation? Aka Firowz   

11.30 Introduction to Environmental Care and Social Progress – Impossible Connection? -publication: Anja Heikkinen, Nasrin Jinia   

Presentation: Integrating Education and Governance: Values and Virtues in Perspective. Aka Firowz and Mohammed Asaduzzaman (Islamic University of Bangladesh)   

Commentary: Jani Pulkki (University of Oulu)   


13.30 Concluding remarks. Anja Heikkinen, Nasrin Jinia   

The workshop is open for all, but due to practical arrangements, please register by 4.6.2023 to Anja Heikkinen, anja.heikkinen(at) and/or Nasrin Jinia, nasrin.jinia(at) Please, indicate if you wish to join online, to receive the zoom-link to the event.


Tampere - Bangladesh Erasmus+ global mobility-project

Further information

Anja Heikkinen, anja.heikkinen(at)