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Engaging with Climate Change through Virtual Forests

27.5.2022 13.00–14.00
UNITE GamiFOREST Coffee Talk Series continues with Laura Cosio’s presentation about climate change and virtual reality.

An intensifying trend in predicted climate change impacts and the complexity of the data required to generate models on its effects on our forests places greater demands on being able to visualize this information in a manner for all to understand is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, in the last decade, our technological abilities have developed to better visualize these changes and data to the point where we can create realistic virtual forests that can be interacted with from anywhere. How can Virtual Forests help us to visualize and learn about the changes occurring in our forests and their ecosystems? How can these Virtual Forests be used to engage and educate varying communities to foster interest and decision-making for their local forests? We will discuss existing projects and how virtual forests could be used to embody climate change to facilitate cooperation and action from differing communities.


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