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Emil Aaltonen Foundation grants €600,000 to researchers at Tampere University

Published on 10.5.2019
Tampere University
Yliopiston kirjasto/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall

Researchers at Tampere University received approximately €600,000 of the €4 million grant money the Emil Aaltonen Foundation issued to scientific research this spring. Two hundred and fifty-nine applicants received a grant, 32 of whom do research at Tampere University.

Of all the applicants, 97 received a grant for a full year’s work (from €28,250 to €31,500 euros) and 47 for shorter periods. The full-year grants totalled €2.84 million and the shorter ones over €0.8 million.

The Foundation allocated some €0.46 million to researchers’ travel costs, smaller incentives, and specific purposes that promote the conduction and completion of research.

About 10 percent of the applicants received a grant.

Grants issued by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation in 2019 (In Finnish)