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ECIU Research Mobility Fund grantees for 2024

Published on 21.2.2024
Tampere University
The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) at Tampere University is proud to announce the recipients of the ECIU Research Mobility Fund, facilitating transformative research collaborations among its partner universities. Through this initiative, the ECIU network is fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge exchange to tackle global challenges effectively.

The mobility fund, established to promote researcher exchanges between ECIU universities, has received an overwhelming response, reflecting the vibrant spirit of collaboration within the consortium. This funding opportunity aimed to support the professional growth of researchers while facilitating the sharing of expertise and best practices across borders.

The objectives of the ECIU Research Mobility Fund align closely with the consortium's strategic goals:

1. Support Construction of ECIU University: By facilitating researcher exchanges, the fund contributes to the establishment and growth of the ECIU University, fostering a dynamic environment for interdisciplinary research and innovation.

2. Promote Collaboration Between Researchers: Through funded exchanges, researchers have the opportunity to collaborate on projects spanning various disciplines, driving impactful solutions to societal challenges.

3. Support Professional Development and Knowledge Sharing: The mobility fund enables researchers to enhance their skill sets, learn from diverse perspectives, and disseminate their findings, thereby enriching the research landscape within ECIU.

4. Boost International Collaboration: By facilitating joint research grant applications, publications, and projects, the fund accelerates international collaboration within ECIU, amplifying the consortium's global impact.

5. Provide Access to Research Facilities: Researchers availing the mobility fund gain access to state-of-the-art facilities within ECIU, fostering innovation and excellence in research.

6. Strengthen Research Collaboration and Networks: By building professional networks of researchers, the fund cultivates lasting partnerships that transcend institutional boundaries, laying the foundation for sustained collaboration.

The selected recipients of the mobility funding will embark on exciting journeys of discovery, leveraging the rich resources and expertise available within the ECIU network. Their projects promise to push the boundaries of knowledge and drive innovation across diverse fields.

Recipients of 2024 round at Tampere and the ECIU host universities are:

postdoctoral research fellow Jarmo Kallunki, University of Aveiro

University Lecturer | Adjunct professor Kandhavelu Meenakshisundaram, University of Aveiro

Doctoral Researcher Jukka Koskinen University of Twente

Senior Research Fellow Aleksandr Ometov, University of Linköping

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Professor Sampsa Pursiainen and Doctoral Researcher Fernando Prieto, University of Twente

Grant holder, Doctoral Research Tuomas Vanhanen, University of Aalborg

Doctoral Reseacher Jianfeng Yang, University of Twente

As the ECIU network continues to champion collaborative research and innovation, initiatives like the Research Mobility Fund serve as catalysts for transformative change, positioning ECIU universities at the forefront of global knowledge creation and dissemination.

About ECIU

The European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) is a leading international consortium of research-intensive universities committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education. With a focus on collaboration, ECIU aims to address global challenges through interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange.

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