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Discovering our power in the digitalization of education

Published on 18.3.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Eye on TAMK 2022. 4-8 April
As Eye on TAMK 2022 is approaching, details of the week’s rich programme are being set in stone.

Once again this year, TAMK schools and units are joining forces to organize a Multidisciplinary International Week for everyone. The participants will be able to explore new topics and cooperation possibilities or deepen their knowledge on their field by exchanging ideas and practices with international partners. 

After two years of Covid-19 related travel and other restrictions, TAMK is opening its doors for Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary Week. During the first week of April, over 130 guests from around the world will visit TAMK campuses for five days full of innovative ideas and social activities. 

Most international guests will come from European countries, yet more continents will tune in for the online portion of the programme. Field specific tracks offer a variety of interesting lectures, workshops and project presentations from TAMK and partners organizations. Take a look at the full programme and join those sessions that interest you. 

Hybrid seminar on campus and online 

This year, Eye on TAMK will take place live on campus. However, a special hybrid seminar is organized for Wednesday, 6 April 2022. With the theme of The power of digitalization in HEI, the TAMK’s expertise is widely presented. The audience can join in person, at the TAMK main auditorium or watch the stream from the comfort of their home. Don’t miss this great opportunity! 

Mark Curcher, Senior Lecturer in TAMK School of Business and Media, will give the keynote speech: Perverse or Metaverse? An examination and reflection on the Power of Digitalization. The presentation will seek to critically examine and deconstruct the themes of digitalization in the higher education context. 

”As an educator I want to provoke thought and encourage reflection, and that is what I want to do with my keynote speech. We have agency and it is up to all of us to shape the future,” emphasizes Mark Curcher.  

Not your average social programme 

Beyond the track specific programme, Eye on TAMK 2022 includes a rich social programme for participants to further dive into lengthy discussions and reflect on the week’s presentations and workshops. Moreover, attendants will have unique opportunities to explore Finnish nature and culture while networking with peers. 

For example, TAMK students from the music studies will host a concert at Yo-talo on Tuesday evening, and a visit to Tampere Universities' event venue Paidia at Nokia Arena is organized for Wednesday to those registered for the international week. 

Throughout the week, there will be an Eye on TAMK lounge set up at G00-01, near the Kuntokatu 3 entrance. All the staff members of TAMK are welcome to visit our lounge and discuss with the event’s participants and international guests. International guests from the field of Art, Music and Media will be staying at the Mediapolis campus and there are also a lot of networking possibilities available to TAMK staff.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and network in this global setting. Exchange ideas and learn with students and lecturers from TAMK’s partner universities around the world. The multidisciplinary week is a great occasion to internationalize your studies at home and get involved in the international activities of TAMK. 

“Diversity allows us to see and understand other perspectives and explore new ideas. Have an open mind and take time to be reflective, critical and open to other ways of seeing the world,” Mark Curcher advises Eye on TAMK 2022 participants. 

For more details, visit the event's pages


Text: Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila 

Image: Minttu Rantanen