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COVID-19 infections in a students’ housing unit

Published on 2.3.2021
Tampere Universities
Coronavirus infections were diagnosed on 26.2.2021 among Tampere Universities’ students living in one housing unit. Tampere University, TAMK and health authorities have been in contact with the residents. Residents have been informed about test possibilities, test arrangements and instructions and regulations related to quarantine.

Tampere University and TAMK will continue to maintain regular contact with the students and offer the necessary advice, guidance, and support. Infectious disease authorities are continuing to investigate possible chains of infection. Tampere Universities community reminds everyone that it is crucially important to follow all the safety precautions related to the pandemic both when visiting the campuses and during leisure time.

Tampere University and TAMK operate in accordance with the current official guidelines and instruct students comprehensively and pro-actively in matters related to COVID-19 safety.


Director Jukka Mäkinen, Education and Learning, Tampere University
tel. 050 5644886, jukka.makinen [at]

Vice President Päivi Karttunen, Education and Learning Services Tampere University of Applied Sciences
tel. 050 5685358
, paivi.karttunen [at]