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In case of the ECIU University, the brand provides tools to tell a unified story

Published on 15.4.2020
Tampere University
The ECIU University logotype is in dark blue and yellow colours. Yellow stands for the energy and entrepreneurial spirit while dark blue adds balance and sophistication, giving the impression of timelessness.
The ECIU University is an alliance of many stakeholders: 12 partner institutions, numerous societal stakeholders and different target audiences. In order to build a cohesive brand, an accurate, strong, value-based visual identity for the ECIU University was created. Here is a look on the new identity and its creative process.

In the world of information overload, branding has become increasingly important. As the significance of branding grows, it affects different levels and sectors of society: businesses, universities and countries.  What’s more, branding not only bridges connection outside the organisation but also inside, especially through internal communication and employee engagement. Therefore, a brand is not just about cultivating a “good look”, it has become an important “backbone” of all organisational activities.

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