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Annual Review wraps up Tampere University’s year 2022

Published on 17.4.2023
Tampere University
The fourth year of operations of Tampere University was marked by a return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The highlights of 2022 included updating the University’s strategy in extensive dialogue involving the entire community, and the first Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees of our young university in August. Another great effort was TAU RAE 2022, the new University’s first comprehensive international research assessment,

In 2022, the University coordinated four Centres of Excellence in research funded by the Academy of Finland. The newest of these, the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Tax Systems Research, began operations at the beginning of the year. The University also participated in the activities of six other Centres of Excellence, three of which were launched in 2022. At the end of the year, the University was running ten projects funded by the European Research Council, four of which were launched during the year

A total of 3,960 degrees were completed at our University in 2022. The most students with a master’s degree graduated from the fields of technology and social sciences. In the second joint application round for higher education in 2022, Tampere University was again a popular study option. A total of nearly 29,000 applicants applied for the more than 3,300 available entrant places.

In 2022, Tampere University’s external funding increased, and core government funding decreased as was expected. Personnel costs decreased due to the reduction of personnel and the reorganisation of support services, but expenses as a whole increased as the operations got back to normal after COVID-19 and rents and prices rose. In investment activities, the year 2022 was difficult. With the sharp fall in the investment market in 2022, the market value of investment portfolio fell.

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Annual Review of Tampere University 2022

The Annual Review of Tampere University 2022 looks back on our research, education, contributions to society, finances, and the activities of the seven faculties and the two university consortia which we coordinate.