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About me

I'm currently working on my doctoral dissertation as a part of the Sarjis research group. The topic of my dissertation is comic documents as an instrument of improving accessibility and social participation. A comic document is a comic version of a text document.

Besides a doctoral researcher, I am a translator and an accessibility specialist. In spring 2022, I graduated as a translator from Tampere University with Finnish and English as my working languages. I specialise in accessibility, particularly audio description and, now, through my dissertation, accessible communication. I also work with Easy Finnish.

Fields of expertise

I am an English translator and an expert on accessible communication. My master's thesis concerned audio describing comics, and I have taught audio description in Tampere Region Center of Adult Education and at Tampere University.

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Mission statement

I search for ways to develop the contents and creation process of comic documents to better answer user needs. My goal is to advance the use of comic documents in real-life contexts, further develop functional translation theory for intersemiotic translation and accumulate information about the characteristics and usability of comic documents from users' point of view.

Research topics

Comic documents, intersemiotic translation, accessible communication, comics, user-centeredness, social participation

Research unit


Research fields

Translation studies


Academy of Finland (2023)

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