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About me

I'm doing doctoral research on pluralism and diversity in journalism. The topic of my dissertation is Diveristy in Journalism - an Ideal, an Attribute, an Opportunity. I'm also working part time in the Sustainable journalism project 2023-2025. Occupation: Master of Arts, University of Jyväskylä, 2014; Bachelor of Social Sciences, Tampere University, 2009. Career as a journalist.


Doctoral researcher

Fields of expertise

News Diversity, Media Pluralism, Diversity Metrics, Conciliatory Journalism, Socially responsible journalism, Sustainable journalism

Main positions of trust

Sopiva - a Finnish Association for Conciliatory Journalists

Research topics

What does the often-used description ‘diverse journalism’ mean? How do Finnish media and journalists understand the concept? Can diversity in journalism be measured and how does such measurement help to improve journalism? 

This research plan includes a set of research activities starting from 1) a theoretical and practical framework for the concept of diversity in journalism, 2) a project that aims to develop a data analytics tool utilizing natural language processing methods and 3) ending up testing the News Source Diversity Meter in different newsrooms and exploring the challenges and opportunities of diverse journalism together with journalists. 

Developed in a practical environment, the News Source Diversity Meter is a unique measurement and analysis service that answers questions about diversity that media companies have identified themselves but also guides journalists towards new questions and broader considerations of the quality of journalism. 

This dissertation research is linked to both journalism and computer science, which are the strong expertise areas of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communications Sciences at Tampere University. The results of the dissertation, which consists of separate projects, benefit not only both fields of research, but also the media field, which is increasingly challenged by pluralism and polarization of the society and various issues of diversity.

Research unit

Tampere University Research Centre for Communications Sciences TARU

Research fields



C. V. Åkerlund Media Foundation; The Strategic Research Council (SRC); Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland; JOKES