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Mario Kolkwitz

Grant Holder, Doctoral Research

About me

Hi! My name is Mario, I'm an architect (M.Sc.) and Doctoral Researcher at the Faculty of built environment, school of Architecture. I gravitate towards everything second-hand, not only in my personal life but also in my work where I study the secondary resource potential of building stocks. Naturally, the principles of a circular economy are at the very heart of my research, and for me, applying these means to put the maintenance of existing building values at the very top of the agenda.

Research unit

Renovation and Circular Economy Transition (ReCET)

Selected publications

Artwashing Demolition

Miettinen, M. & Kolkwitz, M. 2024. Arkkitehti. Stage, 3

Material inventory dataset for residential buildings in Finland 

Kaasalainen, T., Kolkwitz, M., Nasiri, B., Huuhka, S., Hughes, M. 2023. Data in Brief. ISSN 2352-3409,

How changes in urban morphology translate into urban metabolisms of building stocks: A framework for spatiotemporal material flow analysis and a case study 

Kolkwitz, M., Luotonen, E., Huuhka, S. 2022. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 50(6), 1559-1576.

How to identify buildings for life-cycle extension? Guide for case selection via the mapping of transformable neighbourhoods and buildings 

Huuhka, S., Kolkwitz, M., Maubach-Howard, A., Kuchta, K., Abis, M., Bromisch, J., Giebelhausen,A. et al 2021. Report. 

Contesting the Architect’s Role through Radical Participatory Design 

Kolkwitz, M., Luotonen, E., Barragán, D., Bader, M. 2021. Book Chapter in Design Studio Vol. 1: Everything Needs to Change. 1st Edition. RIBA Publishing, ISBN: 9781003164838

Stocks and flows of buildings: Analysis of existing, demolished, and constructed buildings in Tampere, Finland, 2000-2018 

Huuhka, S. & Kolkwitz, M. 2021. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 25, 948-960, DOI: 10.1111/jiec.13107

Tampere Urban Mine: An Analysis of Building Stock, Construction and Demolition 2000 - 2018 (Master's Thesis) 

Kolkwitz, M. 2020. Tampere University, Finland. Rakennetun ympäristön tiedekunta - Faculty of Built Environment