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Coordinator and responsible researcher, research project "NOW! From anxiety to environmental-political agency", Faculty of Social Sciences (50%)

Research fields

Media studies, youth studies, visual studies.


Kone Foundation (2020-2023) for the research project "NOW! From anxiety to political-environmental agency"

Research career

Postdoctoral researcher

Selected publications

Pienimäki, Mari & Kotilainen, Sirkku (2020) “Media Education for the Inclusion of Vulnerable Youth”. In: Hoechsmann, Michael; Carr, Paul R. & Thésée, Gina (eds.) Education for Democracy 2.0: Global Voices for Critical Media Literacy. Boston & Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. In print.

Koponen, Minna & Pienimäki, Mari (2020) "Toward the Transcultural Media Competencies of Migrant Young People". In: UNESCO, MILID Yearbook 2017–2018. In print.

Pienimäki, Mari (2019) “Improving the Wellbeing of At-Risk Youth through Media Participation”. Media Practice and Education, 20:4, 364–377. Available: 

Kotilainen, Sirkku & Pienimäki, Mari (2019) ”Participation through Public Media: Improving Media Literacy among Vulnerable Youth”. In: Ranieri, Maria; Thevenin, Benjamin & Cappello, Gianna (eds.) The International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy: 2 Volume Set. New York: Wiley & Sons, 1–6.

Pienimäki, Mari (2018) “Facilitating Creative Media Production through the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: A Case Study with Vulnerable Young People”. The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts, 13:3, 9–20. Available: 

Pienimäki, Mari & Kotilainen, Sirkku (2018) ”Youth participation in research on multiliteracies: Ethical perspectives”. Media Education Research, 8:1, 115–132. Available: 

Pienimäki, Mari; Tuominen Jaakko & Kuusisto, Anna-Kaisa (eds.) (2018) #TRUST Kulttuurisia kohtaamisia kasvotusten ja mediassa [#TRUST Cultural encounters face to face and in media]. Learning material for youth. Tampere: TRUST research project (Academy of Finland) and University of Tampere. Available: 

Pienimäki, Mari (2013) Valokuvien kriittinen tulkitseminen medialukutaitona ja lajityypittely sen kehittäjänä [The critical interpretation of photographs as media literacy and genre typologisation as a tool for its development].In series: Kuvista sanoin 12. Helsinki: Finnish Museum of Photography. (Dissertation, University of Jyväskylä.) 

Pienimäki, Mari (2013) ”Valokuvien kriittinen tulkitseminen mediakasvatuksessa”. Kasvatus, 44:1, 44–57.

Pienimäki, Mari (2012) “Tukea journalististen valokuvien tulkintaan. Ehdotus medialukutaitoa edistävästä genremallista” [Support in the interpretation of journalistic photographs. A proposal as a genre design for the enhancement of media literacy]. Media & Viestintä 35: 3–4, 98–117. Available: