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About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Gerontology research group. I am interested in successful and good aging, sustainable age friendly city, life satisfaction, individual based measures of longevity and predictors of longevity particularly how the changes in physical, mental and social indicators of health can predict the time of the death. I am interested in using theories of aging as a foundation for developing my research questions and developing statistical modelling. 

Even though, I have mostly used quantitative methods and employed longitudinal and cross-sectional methods, I am interested in qualitative research and I have used thematic analysis and I am working on a project using vignette method with the focus on understanding good aging and sustainable age friendly city in the post covid-19 era.  

I have a background in aging studies, and I did my PhD at Tampere University, defended in 2018. 


Post-doc Researcher 

Research topics

Successful and good aging

Sustainable age friendly city


Life satisfaction

Good death

Research fields


Health Sciences


Selected publications

Nosraty, L., Deeg, D., Raitanen, J. & Jylhä, M. (2022) Who live longer than their age peers: individual predictors of longevity among older individuals. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research,

Tiina Järviö, Lily Nosraty & Anna Liisa Aho (2022). Older individuals’ perceptions of a good death: A systematic literature review, Death Studies, 

DOI: 10.1080/07481187.2022.2092787 

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