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About me

PhD, Title of Docent (Finnish)

Publications in research portal TUNICris 

Kone Foundation grant 2024-2027 Tunteiden Tampere 

Research of wartime letters in collaboration with students

Developer of the "Data Protection Passport" concept

Senior scholar in CONVERGENCE of Humans and Machines 

Member of Sumu research group:

  • Sulka: Suomen lauseet keskipitkällä aikavälillä (Kone Foundation 2023–2026)
  • Kippo: Kielellisten populaatioiden muutos ajassa (Kone Foundation 2017–2022)

Main positions of trust

Head of Unit, Languages, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Scineces, 2024->  

Head of the Doctoral Programme in Language Studies (DPLA), 2022-2023

Member of the Ethics committee of the Tampere Region (non-medical research), 2020-2023

Member of the executive team of Langnet - a network for doctoral programmes in language studies, 2022-2023

Director of Plural (Multidisciplinary Research Centre for Languages and Cultures) 2017-2019

Research fields

Sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, Finnish dialects, Finnish language in change, wartime letters

Latest publications