Laura Huttunen

Professor, sosiaaliantropologia
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Unit of Social Research
Laura Huttunen

About me

I am a social anthropologist, interested in transnational anthropology, migration issues, and ways of living with violent pasts. I have worked with the Bosnian diaspora since early 2000s, carrying out ethnographic research both in Finland and in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Currently I am working with the politics of disappearances in various contexts, ranging from wartime Bosnia-Herzegovina to current flows of global migration.


I am currently leading research project “Governance and grieving: Disappearing migrants and emergent politics” (DiMig) (Academy of Finland, project funding 2018 – 2022)

Fields of expertise

Ethnographic approaches to migration

Diaspora and transnational studies

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnian diaspora

Missing persons, forcibly disappeared persons