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Research topics

Political behavior, political psychology, deliberative democracy, justice and fairness. Main research method is decision making experiments.

Selected publications

Grönlund, K., Herne K. and Setälä, M. (2017) Empathy in a Citizen Deliberation Experiment. Scandinavian Political Studies 40, 457-480. 

Grönlund, K., Herne K. and Setälä, M. (2015) Does Enclave Deliberation Polarize Opinions? Political Behavior 37, 995–1020.

Herne, K; Lappalainen, O. and Kestilä-Kekkonen, E. (2013). Experimental
Comparison of Direct, General, and Indirect Reciprocity. Journal of Socio-Economics. 45, 38-46.

Setälä, M., Grönlund, K. and Herne, K. (2010). Citizen deliberation on nuclear power: A
Comparison of two decision-making methods. Political Studies 58, 688–714. 

Herne, K. (2012). Mitä oikeudenmukaisuus on? Helsinki: Gaudeamus. 

Herne K. and Suojanen, M. (2004). The role of information in choices over income distributions. Journal of Conflict Resolution 48, 173-193.