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About me

I am a Professor of Adult Education and work at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Degree Program of Social Sciences), Tampere University. I study and teach social science methodology, public sociology, and critical pedagogy. People use their sociological imagination to solve social problems and promote social justice in all these fields.

I am a principal investigator in the Academy of Finland's research project, Speculative social science fiction of digitalization in higher education: Towards a humanized digital future 2021–2025 (see  

Selected publications

Johdatus laadulliseen tutkimukseen ("Introduction to Qualitative Research"), Vastapaino, 1998

Sivistyksellinen aikuiskasvatus ("Edifying Adult Education"), Kansanvalistusseura, 2002 (with Petri Salo) 

Kasvatus mediakulttuurissa ("Education in Media Culture"), Vastapaino, 2003

Children in the Information Society , Peter Lang, 2004 (with Hanna Lehtimäki)

Radikaali kasvatus ("Radical Education"), Gaudeamus, 2005

Wikiworld, Pluto P ress, 2010 (with Tere Vadén)

Hidden in Plain Sight. How I Sheltered a Refugee, Into Kustannus, 2011

Taisteleva tutkimus ("Rebellious Research"), Into Kustannus, 2014 (with Sanna Ryynänen)

Artistic Research Methodology , Peter Lang, 2014 (with Mika Hannula and Tere Vadén)

C. Wright Millsin sosiologinen elämä ("C. Wright Mills's Sociological Life"), Vastapaino, 2017

Paulo Freire, sorrettujen pedagogi ("Paulo Freire, a Pedagogue of the Oppressed"), Into Kustannus, 2019

Militant Freire, DIO Press, 20 21