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Jonathon Taylor

Associate Professor (tenure track), Urban Physics

About me

My research focuses on understanding exposures to environmental hazards in the indoor and outdoor built environment, and how we can adapt our cities and buildings to be healthier, more energy efficient, and more resilient to future climates. My areas of expertise are in using building physics simulations, data-driven modelling, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to evaluate population-level exposure to heat, cold, air pollution, and moisture damage, for example, and quantifying the health consequences of this exposure. I have a BSc in Biological Sciences from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and a BEng in Geomatic Engineering and PhD in Environmental Building Science, both from University College London, UK. 


I am the leader of the Urban Physics Research Group in the Department of Civil Engineering, where we apply a range of methods to understand the role of our urban built environment on our health and energy consumption. We aim to do impactful research that can support the sustainability transition in cities. You can learn more about the Urban Physics Research Group here , as well as about Urban Physics itself here .

I am currently the lead of the Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) international bachelors degree programme. Teaching responsibilities include Introduction to Sustainable Urban Development, Urban Physics, Fundamentals of GIS, and the SUD Bachelors Thesis and Seminar. I also supervise Masters and PhD students – please get in touch if you are interested in studying with us.

I currently act as the Faculty of the Built Environment TENK research integrity advisor.

Research topics

Examples of the research topics I work on are:

  • Building physics modelling of indoor environmental quality
  • Building stock modelling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Data-driven modelling of urban environments, for example using data from distributed environmental sensors
  • The Global South, climate adaptation, and the health and climate benefits of the clean energy transition.

Selected publications

You can see a full list of my publications here .

Latest publications