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About me

Over 30 years experience on electronics, computer engineering, communications engineering and positioning technologies, both in academia and industry. Organizing conferences and other events and doctoral education are close to my heart.


As a professor (since 1999) the main tasks include research fund raising, research management, supervision of doctoral and MSc students, and education and research. Director of national DELTA doctoral training network, head of the European Joint Doctorate A-WEAR at Tampere University, coordinator of APROPOS MSCA ITN, and organizer of several international conferences per year as a chairman or steering group member. Research Integrity Advisor.

Fields of expertise

Expertise in embedded processor systems, reconfigurable computing, approximate computing, digital circuits and systems, digital implementations of communications receivers and networks, software-defined radio, software-defined networking, positioning technology (in particular GNSS receiver architectures).

Top achievements

28 supervised PhD dissertations, examiner or opponent for another 49 PhD dissertations worldwide, 150 supervised/examined MSc theses, editor of 5 books, awards as conference organizer and innovator.

Main positions of trust

Head of A-WEAR joint doctoral program at Tampere University, vice chair of the steering group of the international BSc program, steering group member of four international conferences (chairman in two: IEEE Nordic Circuits and Systems Conference, International Conference on Localization and GNSS), member of the VLSI Systems and Applications technical committee at IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, editorial board member in three international scientific journals. Tampere Congress Ambassador.

Research career

Research assistant 1987-88, Research Scientist 1988-91, acting Associate Professor 1991-1993, Senior Research Scientist 1994, Vice President (VLSI Solution Oy) 1995-98, Full Professor 1999-

Degrees: MSc (Tech) 1988, Licentiate (Tech) 1990, DSc (Tech) 1994

Selected publications

Selected recent publications:

Antoine Grenier, Elena Simona Lohan, Aleksandr Ometov, and Jari Nurmi, “A Survey on Low-Power GNSS,” in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2023. doi: 10.1109/COMST.2023.3265841.

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Iñigo Cortés, Johannes Rossouw Van der Merwe, Elena Simona Lohan, Jari Nurmi, and Wolfgang Felber, “Low-Complexity Adaptive Full Direct-State Kalman Filter for Robust GNSS Tracking,” in Sensors, 2023, 23, 3658.

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