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Research topics

Some selected works in progress:

The Effects of Buying a Home. Joint with Sami Jysmä.

The Effects of Rent Control. Joint with Sami Jysmä.

Deadlines and Performance in Cognitive Tasks. Joint with Matti Hovi, Kaisa Kotakorpi and Sami Remes.

Selected publications

Working papers:

Laamanen, J-P., Matikka, T. & Paukkeri, T. (2022). Once or Twice a Month? The Impact of Payment Frequency on Spending Behavior. VATT Working papers 147.

Kotakorpi, K. & Laamanen, J.-P. (2016). Prefilled Income Tax Returns and Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Tampere Economic Working Papers, 104/2016.

Publications in international peer-reviewed journals:

Hovi, M. & Laamanen, J.-P. (2021). Adaptation and Loss Aversion in the Relationship between GDP and Subjective Well-being. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 21(3), 863-895.

Hovi, M. & Laamanen, J.-P. (2021). Income, Aspirations and Subjective Well-being: International Evidence. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 185, 287-302.  

Laamanen, J.-P. (2019). Extenalities of Home-ownership on Entrepreneurship : Empirical Evidence. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 12(1), 94-109.

Laamanen, J.-P. (2017). Home-ownership and the Labour Market: Evidence from Rental Housing Market Deregulation. Labour Economics, 48, 157-167.

Böckerman, P., Laamanen, J.-P. & Palosaari, E. (2016). The Role of Social Ties in Explaining Heterogeneity in the Association between Economic Growth and Subjective Well-being. Journal of Happiness Studies, 17(6), 2457-2479.

Hovi, M. & Laamanen, J.-P. (2016). Mind the Gap? Business Cycles and Subjective Well-being. Applied Economics Letters, 23(17), 1206-1209.

Laamanen, J.-P. (2014). Worker Turnover, Structural Change and Inter-regional Migration. Finnish Economic Papers, 27(1), 34-55.

Laamanen, J.-P. (2013). Estimating Demand for Opera Using Sales System Data: the Case of Finnish National Opera. Journal of Cultural Economics, 37(4), 417-432.

Kotakorpi, K. & Laamanen, J.-P. (2010). Welfare State and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Public Health Care. Economica, 77(307), 565-583.

Peer-reviewed book chapters:

Laamanen, J.-P., Poutanen, M. & Sieberg, K. (2017). Is There a Doctor in the House? In N. Schofield & G. Caballero (Eds.), State, Institutions and Democracy: Contributions of Political Economy (1st ed.) (225-249). Switzerland: Springer.