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About me

I am a doctoral researcher in urban planning in the School of Architecture, Tampere University. My background is in Regional Studies (M.Sc.(Admin)). My dissertation addresses delineation of urban areas. I am interested how well the national urban area definitions function in their task, i.e. defining urban areas.  

My research interests include urban planning processes and GIS aided planning. I have worked in the School of Architecture since 2010 and have been in several projects focusing on urbanization, resource efficiency, planning process and methods, and conducting spatial analyses (GIS) in several research and development projects. I also teach GIS, planning and writing for the architecture students.

2022-23 I am responsible for the faculty of Built Environment’s Tresilienssi 2.0 project, which aims to enhance the master thesis process and guidance as well as students’ wellbeing.

Fields of expertise

Urban planning, regional planning, strategic planning, spatial analyses, spatial data, GIS, urban resource efficiency

Main positions of trust

Steering committee: Doctoral Programme in Built Environment, student member, 2020-

Faculty Council: Built Environment, deputy member, 1/2019-1/2022, member 2/2022-

Research topics

Urban (+rural) areas, urban dynamics, urban planning processes and tools, urban sustainability

Research unit

School of Architecture, Urban planning

Research fields

Urban studies

Selected publications