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Video captions

Tampere University and TAMK

Videos uploaded to the online service must meet accessibility standards from September 23, 2020. Videos must be made accessible within 14 days after posting them online. The accessibility requirement does not apply to old videos (before 23.9.2020). Read more Accessible videos.

Creating subtitles

When subtitling on the Panopto video platform, Microsoft Stream (Sharepoint) or the Screencast-O-Matic subtitling program, you can use automatic speech recognition to produce subtitles, but these always require a subtitle check. With the Subtitle Edit program, subtitles are created manually by typing without automatic speech recognition. Particularly good features of the Subtitle Edit program are the precise adjustment options for how much and for how long the text is displayed on the screen at a time.

Check the subtitling instructions for Panopto, Microsoft Stream (Sharepoint) and Screencast-O-Matic in the next paragraph, see also the instructions for the Subtitle Edit application.


Adding ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) captions to Panopto video

You have the ability to add subtitles created by ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) to Panopto videos. Speech recognition works in Finnish by default, but you can change ASR language to English by changing video folder settings: Folder Settings > Settings > Content language.

You can also change the ASR language of uploaded files: select settings > captions > available captions > change language. Panopto instructions for reprocessing automatic captions:

Note that it is a good idea to check and edit subtitles created on the ASR to ensure their accuracy.

After the transition to the new Panopto environment (4.12.2020), in addition to the text produced by Panopto, you can add subtitles from a file (different language versions).

ASR subtitles are not available in the editor as soon as the video has been downloaded and processed. Below are the target times for auto captions.

Targeted caption completion time for videos with an hour or less: 8 hours
Targeted caption completion time for videos longer than an hour: 1 day


1. Click Edit to open Panopto Editor for the video that you want to manage captions

Panopto video edit

2. Select Captions on the left side of the Panopto Editor and open the Import captions drop-down menu

Panopto captions

3. Click Import automatic captions to import the subtitles created by the ASR

Panopto import captions

4. To edit each individual subtitle, click the three dots next to the subtitle, and then click Edit. You can also delete individual subtitles by selecting Delete

Panopto edit captions

5. Make the desired edits to the text or its timing and click Save to save the changes

Panopto edit & save captions

6. After importing / editing captions, press the Apply button in the upper right corner of the Editor to save the changes.

Panopto apply changes


Creating ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) captions file with Screencast-O-Matic software

With Screencast-O-Matic you can create a caption file generated with automatic speech recognition. Caption file can be published with the video to a video platform such as Panopto, Youtube or Microsoft stream.

Screencast-O-Matic uses Google's speech recognition tool, don't use this tool for sensitive or confidential videos.

How to install Screencast-O-Matic, instructions in Intra

How to create a caption file

1. Open Screencast-o-matic program

2. Import video file to Screencast-O-Matic

import video to screencastomatic

3. Select the video and select CC-tool (Closed Captions)

valitse closed captions

4. Check the chosen Speech-to-text language and choose start

5. You can edit the text generated by automatic captioning

6.Choose export to create a caption file. You can upload the caption file to a video platform with the video (Panopto, Youtube, Microsoft stream). SRT-file is the most common file for captions

export captions

7A. Add a caption file to Panopto video:

Choose Captions in the editing view in Panopto. Choose Upload or request captions from the dropdown menu and add the file.

upload a caption file

7B. Add a caption file to a video in Microsoft stream (Classic)

Choose update video details and upload a caption file

Update video details
upload caption in stream

More instructions:


Microsoft Stream (Sharepoint) captions

Upload the recording to OneDrive or log in with the browser and upload the recording to the service with the browser. Teams recordings are saved to OneDrive and can be found directly from Stream.To generate captions navigate to the video settings panel, select Trancript and captions and select Generate. You can edit the generated ASR captions in the editor.

Stream transkriptio

Microsoft Stream (Sharepoint) instructions:


YouTube video captions

YouTube has a tool that allows you to add subtitles to your videos. For more information, see YouTube Help: Adding Your Own Subtitles.

YouTube's captioning tool uses closed captions and allows users to customize the appearance of text in the browser. (Settings > Subtitles > Options).



Published: 15.10.2020
Updated: 23.3.2023