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Instant messaging

Tampere University and TAMK

Instant messaging apps are personal, they are not recommended for handling work matters.

Contracts for the private use of instant messaging services are problematic because the contract is between the user and the service provider. The user also often assigns all rights to the data entered in the service to the service provider. The contents of the messages are leaked to outsiders and their storage does not meet the requirements of GDPR legislation for organisations. The free use of the apps is paid for by profiling and targeted advertising based on profiling results.

Recommendations for the use of instant messaging apps for work

  • Use the Teams chat feature as the primary communication channel if the information to be communicated is confidential.
  • If the use of instant messaging is necessary, install Signal.
  • The use of free versions of other instant messaging services for work purposes is not allowed.
  • Note that when you set up an instant messaging group, you become a registrar. Especially teachers should take this into account.
  • Do not use instant messaging applications to transmit sensitive information or personal data. Redirect the conversation to other trusted channels when handling sensitive information.
  • Try to encourage the use of secure solutions in your networks as well.

Teams chat

  • Contractual relationship between TUNI and Microsoft
  • The storage and handling of data is limited to the European Economic Area.
  • Features user logs and supervised use.
  • Access is controlled by multi-factor identification.
  • Mostly intended for use within the Tampere Universities.


  • Foundation-owned instant messaging service using open source code.
  • Does not collect user information or use such information for commercial purposes.
  • Messaging is highly encrypted, and messages are not stored on servers.
  • Recommended for use in the European Commission and several European countries for instant messaging between authorities.
  • At present, Signal is the most data secure option available.

Prohibited instant message apps

  • Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, Wechat 

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Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 15.3.2023